Paragon Rep Rope


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The Paragon Rep Rope is a speed rope like no other. The handles are longer and heavier than our other speed ropes, giving a better “feel” for what’s happening with the cable. The long handles also make this our preferred “speed style” rope because it makes feeling out double-unders that much easier! Featuring our Paragon logo and silhouetted ‘Paragon’ in white text on black anodised handles.

  • Handles Dimensions: 16.5cm long / 56g (each) / 18mm diameter
  • Dual Ball bearings in the head of the handles allow for an ultra fast spin.
  • Materials: Made of high grade aluminium. Extremely durable.
  • Easy resizing and replacing cables with adjustable screws for speed cables
  • No Tangle with our free spin rope head attachment, your rope will stay free making it more reliable

What you get:

  • Paragon Rep Rope with Nylon 2.4mm speed cable
  • Suede storage bag

Additional information

Rope Colour

Bare wire, Black, Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow


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