How to guides

This guide will show you how to correctly size your jump rope. This will work with the following ropes found on our website:
EliteSRS Bulet comp
EliteSRS Surge 3.0
EliteSRS Ultralight 3.0
EliteSRS Boxer

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1. Big jump taps – raises awareness of when to spin the rope initially for single unders, gets you jumping higher which will make doubles easier when first getting them. Gets rhythm sorted.👏
2. Big jump double taps – similar to single taps only now we are mimicking the double under rhythm required. Again making sure to jump high and knowing that the speed of the rope should not change. 🙌
3. Single skips – you should be able to comfortably link together a quantity of single unders. This will increase jumping endurance and general jump fitness. These should be as relaxed as possible. Hold a conversation, dance to a tune, whatever floats your boat!💁‍♂️
4. Double small big single – now we’re cooking with fire. These should be super relaxed, getting you ready for a single double under. Know that you can jump high now, so the speed of the rope shouldn’t matter as much initially.☺️
5. Double small big double – as eith the double taps, this time you have a rope in your ha d. Get that first double under. Again stay relaxed, hands by your side, flick the wrists! Not the arms.💪
6. Double unders – Start linking them together, this will take time. Rhythm is key and staying relaxed and chill will help imensly. Quick flicks of the wrist in time, jump straight up and down on the same spot each time. Keep feet together. Send it. 😏