Heavy Muay Thai Rope 2.0


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Thick jump rope for adding heavy resistance to your jump rope workouts. Weight varies by rope length:

  • 8ft – 600g
  • 9ft – 700g
  • 10ft – 800g

NEW upgraded handles include dual-ball bearings for smoother spin. 

Why this rope? If you want a quicker cardio workout and a heavier burn in your shoulders and forearms. You will definitely feel the burn using this rope for even short amounts of time.

Product Details:

  • 12mm diameter hollow core PVC rope.
  • Industrial grade 4.75″ long dual-ball bearing handles (rope is secured in handle with a metal bolt).
  • Dual ball bearings in handles improve spin and eliminate PVC wear at handle.


  • 8ft: recommended for heights 5’8″ and under
  • 9ft: recommended for heights  5’9″ – 6’3″
  • 10ft: recommended for heights 6’4″ and taller

Use For:

  • Quicker cardio workouts.
  • Build forearm and hand strength.
  • Engaging shoulder/arm/core/back muscles that don’t normally get a workout while jumping rope.
  • Improving single under and double under strength and endurance in shoulders.

Additional information

Rope colour

Blue – 8ft, Red – 9ft, Black – 10ft


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