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A portable jump rope mat that absorbs the impact of jumping roping and extends the life of your jump ropes. Perfect for a variety of uses, including jump rope training, stretching and calisthenics. Made of a durable vinyl foam material that is designed to reduce the “bounce” of cable speed ropes when they hit the ground. Less bounce = more consistent double unders. (More bounce = more misses.)

Standard Size: 122cm x 92cm x 7mm” fits any room in the house
Weight: 3.2 kg (standard)

Reduce impact on joints: This portable jump rope mat reduces the chance of upper and lower body injuries (such as lower back, hip, knee joint, ankle and foot injuries) to make jumping rope training safer. Learn the best ways to use your jump rope.

  • Portable, lightweight, tough vinyl foam workout mat that can easily be rolled up and transported for both indoors and outdoors use.
  • Tapered edges to reduce chance of “catching” the rope.
  • Easy to clean with a non-slip surface
  • Can be placed on top of surfaces that increase risk of injury such as cement or tile, while also protecting floors and carpets from jumping rope.
  • Dampens vibrations that cause wear and tear to equipment and muffles noises so family and neighbours are not disturbed.

1 review for Jump Rope Mat

  1. Marie

    Only been using this mat for a couple of months but I LOVE IT. It’s a lot softer for impact than the black gym mats I have but still durable with regular use. Easy to roll up and store away or take with me as needed.

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